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Job Title


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2 Which category best describes your facility?

Manufacturer utilizing vacuum coating or other vacuum processes in the production of the end product.

Major research facility including National labs, government agencies, University faculty or manufacturing R&D.
OEM - Manufacturer of capital equipment, materials and/or instrumentation used to provide vacuum processing.

3 Check all of the process, applications, products manufactured or services performed at this location.

Thin Film Applications Non-Electronic

1. Flat Panels / Displays

2. Disk Media (CD, DVD, Optical)

3. Magnetic Media Coatings (Audio, Video)

4. Optical Lends Coating (Ophthalmic, Technical)

5. Decorative Coatings

6. Disk Drives (Hard, Flexible)

7. CD-ROM Drives

8. Read/Write Heads

9. Tool Coatings

10. Glass Coatings (Architectural, Mirrors)

11. High-Intensity Lighting Reflectors

12. Web Coating

13. Diamond-like Carbon Films

14. Holograms

15. Optical Filters

16. Thermal Control Coatings

17. Capping Films

18. Hard Masks

19. Phase Shift Masks

20. Flexible Magnetic Media

21. Thin Film Coatings

Electronic Component Applications

22. Semiconductors, ICs

23. Thin Film Hybrid Circuits

24. MEMS & Microfluidic Devices

25. Sensors

26. Solar Cells

27. Passive Components

28. Fiber-optic Cable

29. Photo-voltaic Devices

30. Opto-electronic Devices

Vacuum Processing Equipment or Materials

31. Sputtering Systems

32. Evaporation Systems

33. Web Coating Systems

34. Etching Systems

35. Ion Implant Systems

36. Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems

37. Crystal-Growing Equipment

38. Power Sources for Vacuum Systems

39. Superconductors

40. Freeze Drying

41. Electron Microscopy


42. Government/Military

43. Industry R&D

44. University R&D

45. Consulting

Vacuum Equipment, Components & Peripherals

46. Vacuum Pumps

47. Vacuum Gauges

48. Vacuum Valves, Flanges, Fittings

49. Vacuum Leak Detectors

50. Gases & Gas Handling Equipment

51. Others Allied to the Field

4 What is your primary job function?

1. Corporate Management

2. Process or Production Management

3. Process or Production Engineering

4. Process Development

5. System Design

6. Research & Development

7. End Product Design

8. Facility/Maintenance Engineering

9. QC or QA/Testing

10. Purchasing/Procurement

11. Safety Engineering

12. Engineering Support

13. Consultant

14. University Faculty

15. University Graduate Student

16. Other